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About My Coaching

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“The Internet is a communication opportunity and challenge; the Web has built a globally fragmented audience cross culture, expertise and geography. Professional communication and media specialists are competing with the chaotic free sharing nature of citizen journalism pouring out through blogs and forums.”







I created this website as an introduction so you can learn more about me, how I work and what matters to me.

I believe that we are moving to a stage of web based technology that enables people throughout the world to come together and learn how to be more effective in translating our hopes, dreams and intention to build a sustainable economy that is the most direct pathway to peace and global prosperity.

The World Wide Web is a chaotic geography that is a way to view the world from any elevation, where you can locate webs of intelligence and learning that any individual or group can draw from to learn to know to do.

I find most social networking tools, e.g. Facebook, Linked In or others to be misleading in that many people think networking is about how many people you link to rather than how and what you do in forming your linked geography. This website is an introduction to who I am and the kinds of conversations that I engage in with purpose and intention.

I hope you will take some time to dance through these pages and get to know me and the kinds of conversations that matter to me. These conversations are core to anything I do as a leadership coach, consultant, publisher and social media expert.

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me in this way.


Lavinia Weissman



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