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About My Coaching

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My Professional Portfolio

My LinkedIn Profile provides a history of my career, the kinds of work I have performed and links to some of the people I relate to in my network. The profile also provides testimonials and references.

Over the last 5 years, I have integrated into my work the thought and practice leadership described at WorkEcology.

As a publisher and designer:

  • Applied Systems Thinking - a free knowledge share website that archives the practice of Systems Thinking and provides a library of content for beginners, organizations and multi-sector initiatives on how systems thinking has been applied in practice. This website is a gateway to an interactive web based introductory course and a place to read recent reports on the application of systems thinking.
  • Parallel to the development of this website, I have developed a methodology for applied learning centers, where innovators can work with my firm, Brilliant Minds, Sweet Hearts, LLC to build centers of learning on the web that provide free knowledge sharing of a history of learning that innovates change.

As we did for Applied Systems Thinking, the Brilliant Minds, Sweet Hearts team can design, produce, publish and manage these learning centers to report on the discovery of how people come together from disparate perspectives, experience and institutional loyalties to develop commercial or social innovation.

Currently, I am working on an annotated bibliography that synthesizes research on the Precautionary Principle, an article for business related to this topic and defining the conversational framework for change intiatives that take a long view to build ecologically balanced activities in today's Ethical Market Place that moves beyond the limitations of how we calculate today's method for calculating a GDP.

This research has become the foundation for my current consulting projects, journalism and writing.



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