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About My Coaching

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  • Publication and editorial consultation for blogs, articles, virtual communities and forums.   I have served the role of editor-in-chief and publisher for numerous books, articles, newsletters and business authors that include George Simons, Stephen Roulac, Michael Jones, David Stroh and consulting firms that include Accenture and LMA, Inc.
  • Web compatible social media curriculum design for college and professional development programs, based on the curriculum research and design I championed for ITP Wellness Global Certificate Program for HR and Clinical Professionals and class modules for Hellenic College's Business and Society Curriculum
  • Social media strategies for intersector projects related to the environment, health, ecology and education
  • Team faciliation to define strategies for grant applications and promotion of projects designed to impact health and education.
  • The design of topical community projects and groups of people who wish to lead change through the organization of inter sector programs that learn to innovate sustainable programs
  • Consultation to families who want to merge their assets into a viable family foundation that invests money that can measure lasting social impact.


  • Leadership coaching to people who wish to build learning communities and social media education centers to support sustainable change initiatives
  • Coaching or design for individuals to create web based portfolios that synthesize a person’s education, learning and accomplishments.
  • Health and Wellness Coaching for individuals integrating the realities of chronic illness or death and dying with other parts of their life - work, family and friends.

Presentations & Workshops

Presentations and workshops are available by request for groups of 10 people or more.

  • The Foundations of Portfolio Work

    Portfolio Workers know how to work with others and share their success. They do not rely on the right circumstance to show up; they create the best scenario in which everyone can do good work.

  • The Ecology of Medicine and Personal Health

    This program guides people on how to create and draw from the Internet and professional communities, the knowledge practices that help them sustain their health and organize life around chronic illness and a system of care that is not hospital or insurance driven.

  • Finding your Imagination –Journaling to Create Life as an Adventure of Fun

    It is easy to get bogged down in always doing more of the same. This is a class for people who wish to free themselves of life at work or home that has become mechanical and open the door to a creative journaling practice of passion and learning.



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